Magic Wipe!

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Om Magic Wipe!

Forfatter: Masashi Beheim

Magic Wipe! is a great opportunity to deliver personal messages to friends in an awesome and innovative way. If you like Simon Pierros iPad Magic you will love this app. It is highly customizable for your needs, so be creative! The incredible bonus camera feature will knock everyones socks off!

How to:
1. Press the START button.
2. Hand the device to your friend and let them start wiping and be amazed. Long tap for auto reveal!
3. Triple tap to get back to the configuration view.

How to PRO:
1. Take a screenshot of your personal home screen and use the import function of the app.
2. Create a personalized message by either importing an image or typing something up.
3. Press the START button.
4. Lock the device and give it to your friend
5. Tell them to unlock the phone and yet again have them be amazed.

The camera can be used as a bonus feature. Instead of a personalized message you can use the camera to surprise your friends.